So what are you guys up to right now?

We’re currently working on getting Last Age ready as a Dream Build Play submission.

Last Age, whats that?

Its an open-story RPG we’re making for the Xbox 360 and PC. The game will feature an evolving main story that is dependent on time. As time progresses elements of the story will occur if the player had been involved in them or not which will ultimately ripple up the chain and impact the final outcome of the game.

Anything else cool going with this game?

Well the ability system was built so that abilities are made up from several soul crystals. The crystals can be reused though to make different abilities at any time. The cost an ability is dependent on which crystals were used in it’s construction, so abilities themselves sort of evolve as you do combat. Nothing is wasted since you can change out an ability for a completely different one. The system is also built to support discovery, so right at the start of the game if you wanted you could make most of the abilities in the game with the soul crystals that you’ll start with.

Sounds cool. Will there be a demo?

There will be a demo version available on both the 360 and the PC. The PC demo will be built out to the public before the full game is completed, in an effort to thwart piracy. You can’t steal the whole game, if the whole game isn’t there yet to steal. =) We are hoping to have the Demo together and available late July to Early August. The 360 demo won’t be available until the game is, but around that time we will have a media launch for the game and the PC demo will be introduced.

Any other straight up details?


1 Player, Saves content, Battle System inspired by (though not exactly the same as) older Final Fantasies (6 in particular). Release is planned late 2011, unless the game happens to get a chance to go on XBLA – in which case we’re not sure. Typically this slows the release process considerably. The game also features the amazing work of HyperDuck sound works on both the music and sound effects, and should be quite the final presentation.

Look for more here late July – though its safe to expect regular videos as parts of the game come online.

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