Last Age

No one knows who built the cycle of spirits or why.
It represents the balance of all things within our world.
As something is born, it is from the soul of something that had departed.
Each soul is blessed with an unchanging affinity from its creation.
This affinity resonates and will eventually return to one the 6 great focuses.
Each focus acts as a doorway to the plane where that affinity’s souls are reborn.

The 6 focuses are guarded, by the mighty spiritual guardians.
Noble Devindros of the Light.
Agile Senkiro of the Air.
Wise Olgadra of the Water.
Stout Buldrath of the Earth.
Mighty Veraxxis of the Flame.
Cunning Malkior of the Darkness.

They are the gate keepers that ensure only the departed may enter the focus they guard.
The 6 guardians are spoken of in legend as having tremendous power over their affinity.
Devindros, Senkiro and Olgadra are said to be kind, benevolent and protective.
However Buldrath, Veraxxis and especially Malkior are known to kill any who wander near them.
Regardless the guardians are bound by duty to ensure the souls within their focus do not leave.
An incomplete soul, instead of being reborn would seek to corrupt another living thing.
Perverting the cycle and destroying the balance, it would create havoc in the world.

A few months ago a cloud began spreading from Machir, the temple of darkness.
Dark souls return to Machir to be reborn. Now it appeared, they were leaving it.
In response the mighty kingdom of Tichera sent its greatest knights to investigate.

Only one returned.

Drained of life and tainted with illness, Devon collapsed in the streets of Ti’vera.
Tione, his betrothed found him there, and helped him recover from his condition.
When life returned to him, Devon spoke of a black cloud of consciousness.
It consumed the other knight’s bodies.

Then, it consumed their souls.

It was then that Tione explained she had fled from it when it came to their hometown.


“When it arrived the remains of a dragon descended upon us.”
“The dragon’s breath corrupted and killed anything it touched.”
“Father instructed me to run; he said to find you before it was too late.”
“By the time I reached the forest, the city was a graveyard and the shadow had grown.”
“The smithy was one of the first buildings hit…I can only assume…”

Devon had heard enough. The pair quickly packed up and set out to stop it.
Their goal to put an end to this perversion of the cycle that had manifest itself.
For weeks the two pursued the dark cloud only to find devastation left in its wake.
The sky clouded and the world grew darker with each passing day.

They now found themselves in Leira, mere moments ahead of the dark shadow.
Both of them prepared to face what may come, determined to end this.

Determined, to set things right.

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