Krazy Kerra #2

Dream Build Play with the dog!
Dream Build Play with the dog!

Dream Build Play with the dog!

I’m always so darn busy working on the game, but every time I look down there’s this pair of eyes staring back at me, demanding attention. Kerra’s favorite game is tug a war. She makes sure to keep her tug ball nearby at all times, in case I stop working on the game for a bit. This way she is ready to play tug a war at a moments notice. The first thing she does when I turn to play with her is dart around and find the tug ball. Sometimes I wish she’d just cuddle, but nope! Tug a war!


Its waiting for you in the App Hub.

The weekend is only half over, and its already been a stress fest. After months of nothing on the App Hub though, the latest build is finally available for play test. The combat is really close to how it’ll be for DBP, minus the background changing. The pre-battle cut scene and map is what I’m really working on right now. Its a tireless effort, making everything look inviting and interesting.

Probably not yet, but soon the App Hub upload should be available for you to play with. Its been ages so, have fun – shoot me some feedback – crush the bugs (dear god, please let there be no bugs)!

If you’re an App Hub member then click here to get started and I hope you enjoy!

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