Krazy Kerra #1

Krazy Kerra #1 - Couch Defender!

Today I went to look at the site and realized that we haven’t been updating…at all! Good lord. So I’ve decided that on Saturdays we will make an effort to share with the world what we’re up to! Of course my dog Kerra, in a fit of rage demanded to be included. My attempts to turn her down were futile, and through an evil campaign of cutie eyes and whining this blog update series will include a picture of her. Kerra is a little Pomeranian so she’s always trying compensate for her size. This normally involves getting up onto something higher. She is quite the accomplished acrobat. Her favorite place to defend the studio from is perched atop the couch. Here she can easily get in a few licks, and directly attack your emotional composure as you attempt to casually stroll by the treat bag.

Couch Defender!

Defending the living room!

Of course what would a weekly blog be without saying something about the current project? So Last Age. What’s up? Well, we’re all working our tails off trying to get ready for Dream Build Play. As usual there’s delays. We will make the buzzer though. I expect if you’re an app hub member the game will go into play testing around June 10th. If not then very shortly after. I wanted a full weekend to listen to feedback and make appropriate tweaks to everything. The 13th is so close now…ughn.

Workin' Hard

Designing Leira

This weekend I am pushing to get the city of Leira done on Saturday, and then hopefully the cutscene done on Sunday. This would leave me with precious time to use attempting to fill in the actual town for some post-cutscene play for our entry, but it may not (probably won’t be) that easy. If you’re a follower of the game and have an app hub membership, a wildly updated play test will be posted in the near future.

Oh, in case you missed it we did upload a early video of combat. There are actually still a lot of visual changes slated leading up to the 13th, but I haven’t really shared anything about how combat looks to date so I figured it was about time. The actual trailer we’ll be sending in for DBP will hopefully be made / posted for next week’s update.

Until then, keep your couches defended.

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